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What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that is determined at the time of your birth based upon the position of Earth, the planets and the Nodes which create what is called the Body Graph or Human Design chart.

It is a structure that uses principles within the Hindu Chakra System, Western Astrology, the Chinese I Ching, Kabbalah Tree of Life and Quantum Physics. It is a self-awareness tool to assist in understanding how our energy works with the least amount of resistance within the world and with others. With this understanding, we are able live more efficiently and be more productive for the way we were intended to live and express our true authentic self simply by just being who we are here to be.

If you’re interested in getting a Human Design reading service, you can get this ~40 pages  personalized report that addresses your most pressing issues while also covering the main aspects of your chart that you need to know. The reading can help you gain a profound understanding of your Type, Strategy, Authority, Centers, Profiles and more.

You can also dive into explanations of the main aspects of your Human Design chart and learn about the significance of your Defined and Undefined Centers and their influence on your energy. You can discover your unique Strategy, the keys to making aligned decisions and finding fulfillment.

You can learn how to honor your inner guidance and flow with the magic of life as it unfolds. You can unveil the intricate layers of your Profile and explore the beauty that is your Profile through the archetypal energy and how it influences your journey.

Below is a human design chart, and everyone has their own. What will yours look like?

human Design report chart4

What does HD Report provide?

Our report offers a reading service based on your date of birth. Unlike other reading services that provide only basic information, we provide readings that go even into decimal points. This is a rare feature in the field of Human Design and only a few professionals can do it.

Our goal is to help you “Solve one person with each report”. Therefore, our report is structured to provide all the essential and necessary main points that are practically helpful to your life and to help you know yourself clearly once and for all. It is the most profound reading service you can find.

I hope this version is better. Let me know if you have any other questions.