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Ways To Earn

Pontential to gain Material success


This sections shows you which area or behaviours you are designed to not give up, and willing to continue give it another shot. To earn, the “Never Give Up” mentality is curial, and this section will point out these areas of yours.

Please be aware, this section will not simply provide you a job title or an industry(some might). The reason is the “JOB” is created by human, not by the system who created us. What we focus at is by showing you which area of your energy is with the “never give up” “try it again” mindset, so you can put your effort on those areas and have a better chance to strike for success.

For example, Human Design implies that you can earn through creativity. Should you be a singer, an artist, a painter or an entrepreneur with new idea? It is your choice! But you now know that whenever you are creating something new, you are closer to making money than doing other things.

The amount of ways to earn to pick from vary from design to design. Each person will at least have two ways to pick from. You just need to pick the one that are more resonate, and that you can start it right away. If you already have a stable income or are a professional, you may consider creating new income source from this inspirational information.

There is no need to compare how many ways each person can pick from. Focus on yourself.

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