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Your Natural way to interact with the society


To put it simpler, Profile can be seen as “Personality”, but it is more in depth and practical.

Just as Inner Authority, Following your Profile will let you leave more effortlessly and correctly, so you wont hate your life doing things that your body does not want to do. For example, if you are born to hide like a hermit and do what you loves, you won’t complain about yourself of not bring able to socialise like others; If you are born to be stubborn, that you won’t imitate other to let go of things easily. And that is totally fine.

Until you stop hating your behaviours, the first time you can bring all your attention to be who you truly are, not feeling tided with morality, values, comparison and achievements. You will stop feeling sad that you cannot do things that other can do. Because you know you have your areas of expertise too.

Does all of us really have to wear suits ,act confidently and have the perfect pitch? Does all of us have to bump into things to learn instead of being investigative? And if we flip the coin, does all of us have to study and investigate everything being act? No. We are all different, we have our character to act within the society, some are at the front line some are good at back end. Follow it, you do not have to pretend who you are not, and this is what Profile is going to tells you. It tells you what costume you are wearing in this life to interact with the society.

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Take action to improve your life

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