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Main Energy 2

Your motivation and 2nd Strongest Energy


Main Energy 2 Explains four gates, including your two “Moons” and your two “Jupiters”, to the decimal places.

Why do we choose the Moon and Jupiter? Because everyone wants to know what makes them motivated and feel strong. And this is exactly what your Moon and Jupiter represent.

The Moon is your driving force. It lets you know what naturally moves you to do a certain kind of actions.

The Jupiter is your “law”. It is something you should always follow and obey. It is something that makes you feel powerful and more align to yourself when you use it. Apply it more often on your daily life is good for you, might even bring luck.

These gates fill up gaps that cannot be explained by the Incarnation Cross (your fate) and the Main Energy 1 section. And they are very practical too.

Especially Jupiter, it is a very important energy, and it is also my favourite planet. Believe me, the explanation of your Jupiter is the information you will want to know. You will feel strongly about it, and you will find that it has been supporting your life like a big brother.

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Take action to improve your life

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