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Human Design-Main Energy 1

Main Energy 1 explains the four gates that make up your Incarnation Cross (your fate) to the decimal places. One of the most important secret of your entire human design lays within here, and that is your single most powerful energy of your body and mind.

We explains it to decimal places, so you will get the most profound explanation of what and how this energy operates in your daily life. For example, the 1st gate is the gate of the creative, but from 1.1 to 1.6, creativity is subdivided into 6 forms. How will your creativity be used by you? We will explain in depth.

It is so hard for you to not know what you are here to do once you know all these gates to the decimal places, you will know how to use most of your mind and body, you will know how does it function. And this will be the best tool and easier path for you to get to know yourself like never before.

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