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Human Design-Strategy

The Strategy is your least effort way to live your life. Follow this simply strategy to meet least resistance, less rejection, and most importantly, only allowing the correct surrounding to enter into your life. Simply said, it is your strategy to live.

Taught by the society, all human being should push their limit to work, to produce, to act, to show influence. We should show how strong, how busy, how initiate we are, but not realising that in many case, we are wasting our energy time and effort.

Many of us has the strategy to “wait and response”. We should learn to allow ourself to be less initiate, to wait for the correct surrounding and opportunities coming to use naturally. Less is more.
You can see Strategy as the mechanism to block off incorrect surroundings. Without following it, your life will be filled up with many events and relationships that dont do you any good, and you will always meet resistance.

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