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Inner Authority

Your correct way to make the Right decisions


Each of us has out correct way to make to make decisions that will align us to our original path, and it is called Inner Authority. As the name implies, it is the authority within ourself that we should follow to make decisions that best suited our path of life.

Each of us uses different method to make decisions, some might be instinct, some with their like and dislike, some base on their desires. When you know how to make correct decisions, the first time in your life you will have the power to differentiates what is correct and wrong for you, and to make decisions base on it.

Isn’t life is the consequences of all decisions? Your current state of life is base on what decisions you have made in the past. So if you want to change your current state of life, to be a more joyful and vital being, you need to learn to make correct decisions and create surroundings that will nurture you and gives you life enjoyment.

The Correct decisions does not mean decisions that gives you more wealth, it is not to bring you hard cash, it is to align you back to your original design one step at a time. The final purpose is to let you build a life that your mind and body likes, everything around you, including your career, partner, lifestyle, living patterns and orders are all picked by you, correctly and suitable for you. If we all learnt to only bring in surrounding that adds points to our life instead of lowering it, who won’t love their life?

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Take action to improve your life

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