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Incarnation Cross

What you are here to do and experience


Incarnation Cross is your fate, it is what you are designed to do in this life. We believe this information is very attractive to many of you, because it directly solves the “Why Am I Here” question. The Incarnation Cross is formed by 4 gates(the number you will see on your Human Design Chart).

Knowing what you are here to do gives you meaning in life, and be more grounded to the surface on earth, knowing that that is something for you to be done, experience and achieve, instead of following what others are doing.

However, it does not mean that you have the right to do it right now and right away without considering the environment and others’ circumstances. You do not need to rush on achieving your fate. Always follow your strategy and authority to make decisions that are correct for you, then your life will role out the way it should be, which will be what your Incarnation Cross said to be.

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Take action to improve your life

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