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Energy Centers

Your Strengths and ‘Weaknesses’


Our body is like a company with nine departments, each has its own function and duty. But this nine department is only spaces, it does not mean there is someone working in it. This “company” will absorb employees from the energy around it, bring it to their seat, and start doing their duty, until it dies. This is the framework of how human is being designed. These departments are called “Energy Center”.

So which Energy Center has the strongest team that it fits in a lot of seats, producing work steadily? Which are empty or with just a few colleagues hanging around producing unstably? This is the information you will get from this section: it describes your body internal status, it tells you which centers work strongly and stably, which aren’t.

Knowing this provides you the correct answers to know your strength and weakness. Those with powerful energy will be used to send out influences and affect others around you. Those with emptiness absorbs energy from others, and might be conditioned by it (trying to imitate you have the energy).

Once you know the status of each of your energy centres, you will get rid of even more behaviours and thoughts that aren’t belong to you in the first place. You will stop imitating others, trying to pretending you are good at something while you are not born with it. On the other hand knowing which part of you is strong and stable that you can more rely on, thus to gain more self-confidence.

From this section, you will realise which of us is born within the same framework, with four component : company (Body), departments (Energy Centres), office desk (gates position in each centre waiting to be filled) and energy from space(gates energy). Base on your date of birth, energy will automatically filled their own seats and start working until the company dies, forming billions and billions of variation. We are all different.

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