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Your Talents


Channels is your fixed talents, they are fixed and stably function energy throughout your life. Some design will have zero channel, some might have ten. But the question is not how many you possess, it is how you use your overall design to live out your uniqueness.

Channels are your stable ability, so it will greatly affect your life’s behaviour and actions. For example, if you have the channels to be stubborn, then you will be very habitual in this life to find some difficult things to do, to fight and struggle. Wait, is this a talent? No doubt! Because of your stubbornness, difficult problems might be solved by you!

We can say that channels are tools that given to us when we are on the road in life to live out our incarnation cross(fate). For example, if you are here to plant a millions trees. You will only make it if you have the tool of “stubborn”. And if at the same time you have the tool of “Influence”, you will convince others to plant trees too!

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Take action to improve your life

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