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We Are Beyond

Founded in 2016, Myhdreport has helped more than 8000 souls worldwide, we are the leading Human Design reading service provider in this knowledge. Lead by Kenny Chan, an IHDS (International Human Design School) certified professional Analyst, we strive to help millions of souls get back to their truth-self.

Truth Inside The Truth

It is not easy to fgure out the real truth. Every-
thing seems believable with enough evidences to
support. But we have got it.Everything in the report is written by Kenny Chan
with his 3 years of professional education and 6
years of practices (2021), digging deep in
this practical and profound knowledge to come
out with this perfect decontaminated version with
the perfect balance of necessity and simplicity.

Your Life. Our Mission.​

Started up by one person, using the power of in-
ternet, Kenny Chan believes that a person efect
and love can be spread worldwide with dedica-
tion and hard work.With the Vision of “One report, one life”, Kenny
Chan is hoping that this report will become a ne-
cessity to the world.

Our Services

We Stop At Nothing

We provide the most in depth explanation that
you won’t fnd on the net. We want to be the
best, because you deserve it.

We Love To Explore

Although the current report is at its fnest, we still
continue to look for better way to explain every-
thing in a more direct and simplifed way.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Our report disassemble your Human Design
chart layer by layer, to make it easier for you to
take all these precious secrets about yourself.

We Keep It Simple

We keep it simple by only providing one service,
so you will get all secrets you need to transform
your life.

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