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Human Design is the most accurate mystical knowledge available today.

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Our Human Design Report explains everything, from your talents, energy conditions, destiny, ways to earn and more. 

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We’re not just about business; we’re about transformation. For every paid analysis, we commit to freeing one person from the shackles of ignorance.

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Our reports start with the fundamentals, ensuring even beginners grasp the essence of their design. As you delve deeper, we unveil the deepest secrets encoded in your chart.

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Our analysis breaks down gates into decimal points. No vague generalizations here—just precise insights that resonate with your core essence.

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Kenny CHAN, practicing in Hong Kong, Official U.S. Official Human Design Analyst.

Since 2016, we’ve guided over 10,000 clients through the intricate tapestry of their existence. As pioneers in the field, we’re bridging ancient wisdom with modern insights.

Our mission? To provide the world’s leading professional Human Design reports—because understanding yourself deserves nothing less.

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One of the most important report you should read in your life.

The report covers your innate design, ways to earn, destiny, talents, strongest energies, and more, making it the best Human Design analysis service.

Indroduction to Human Design

Human Design is a design that explains how you are designed by ‘The System’. The Human Design covers your conscious and subconscious mind, allowing you to understand all aspects of yourself in the most complete way possible, fully understanding your shape, qualities, strengths, weaknesses and destiny.

Understanding our innate design allows us to return to our true selves, to recognize where we are being bound by our environment and culture, and to know how to use our strengths to our fullest potential, so that we can get back in touch with the world without losing ourselves, and help us make the “best” decisions for ourselves.

Human Design was created in the hope of solving the problem of “Who am I?” for all mankind, so that the difficult task of “understanding myself once and for all” can be solved with a single keystroke.

Human Design have been created by various schools of thought, combining elements and principles such as Micro Neutron, the I Ching, the Indian Chakras, genetic inheritance, Jewish Kabbalah and astrology, to name but a few, but the sum total of the answers has resulted in a clearer and more concise answer.

Human Design is very rational and direct, it doesn’t talk about the future and vague “you will…”, but actually explains to you how your body is designed to do what it does automatically. Instead of talking about the future and vague “you will…”, it actually explains to you how your body is designed to do what it does automatically.

The Human Map gives you clear rationale to support your natural behaviors, so you can understand that everything happens for a reason.

This allows you to love yourself more, accept yourself more, and be more courageous. By returning to the present, you can more effectively control your future.

Human Design is good at explaining exactly how our bodies are designed, and how the things we do and the behaviors we have always done are based on the truth.

Rather than talking about the future, Human Design focuses on getting to know ourselves, to love ourselves again, and to think about how we can use our bodies more effectively.

Each person is born with a set of primal settings, and the Human Design provides a per-person instruction manual that exposes how each of us operates uniquely, helping to reconnect ourselves with our true nature.

Basic Human Design are not too complicated, but in-depth specialized knowledge requires a trained analyst to give deep answers and secrets.

The most difficult part of reading a human chart is how to combine different pieces of information to form a story, a picture of life, which requires a lot of practical experience.

There are 64 gates in the Human Design (but if you want to break it down, there are actually 384 gates), each with its own interpretation and behavior.

Each of these gates has its own interpretation and behavior. These gates are then combined to form 36 channels. The channels of the Human Design are “gifts”, “talents”, powerful fixed abilities that we are used to doing.

About Myhdreport

When I was going through a low point in my life, I came across the Human Design.

After learning of its wisdom and how it helped me out of the darkness, I realized that it had the potential to change the way people all over the world think about themselves.

That’s when I decided on the idea of a Online Human Design Report Service, like an ID card, where everyone gets a copy of their own Human Design Report.

To create the best single service for the world to understand themselves, through interpreting and analyzing the Human Chart to help more people have a professional and fast direct channel to understand their true selves.

To reduce the number of people in the world who, like me, are suffering because they don’t understand themselves, but have to pretend they have a direction.

I believe everyone deserves the easiest way to understand themselves. We believe that everyone should have their own Human Profile, just like an ID card.

I believe the world would be a better, more efficient, more loving place. Because when everyone loves themselves, the world will naturally become a place of love.

I am currently practicing as a US Official Human Design Analyst in Hong Kong, pioneered online human chart analysis service since 2016 and has already achieved over 8000 client human chart analyses.

Relationship between us and Human Design

Each of us is born with unseen eyes. Each person has his or her own life’s issues, life’s abilities, designs, destinies, gifts, states, functions, environments, and capabilities …… but we have never seen them. Today, by interpreting the Human Design Chart, we have the answers to fully unlock this information.

“To know is to act. Knowing is the only way to act, and understanding the chart is the only way to know how to make the best decisions, to remove the things and people that don’t fit you, and to pull the ones that do fit you to your side.

More importantly, it gives you the confidence to stand on your own feet and be yourself. And this is what Humanity has given you: “the right to choose once”.

Learning about human figures allows us to learn to live in a cooperative group, where we and our peers seem to be jigsaw puzzles, knowing clearly what kind of puzzle we are, and at the same time understanding each other’s jigsaw puzzles, increases the spark and fun of being in a group, and the way to get along with each other is to know more about ourselves, and at the same time to know our peers a little bit more.

What happens when you put a goldfish in a tree? If we know our design and use it consciously, we will no longer put ourselves in the wrong place and do the wrong thing, and we will be able to deliberately use our ability to be more powerful than others to increase our efficiency and our chances of winning.

When you do this, we naturally outperform others in our field, and we naturally have a better chance of succeeding and make a living.